The Shop

New Orleans, 2014
The barbershop has been an important component of Black and Latino communities in the Unites States for decades. It is a place for cultural exchange, political dialogue, education and engagement, and of course, getting cleaned up. For many men of color, myself included, the barbershop is where some of life’s most important lessons are taught. It is one of the few places where you can engage in a conversation that evokes perspectives from multiple generations; that opportunity for exchange makes them vital to the survival of these communities.
The images presented here are from Joytown Square Barbershop & Beauty Salon in the 7th Ward, The Hot Spot Barber & Beauty Salon in Central City, Dennis’ Barber Shop in Uptown, and HeadQuarters Barber Beauty & Natural Hair Salon in Mid-City. This ongoing series documents the daily exchange one can witness when you walk into any of these shops and aims to create a narrative about the similarities between barbershop in a Black or Latino neighborhood. They also serve as a reminder to those of us who grew up with the smell of talc powder and aftershave in the air every Saturday morning, that no matter where you are, walking into a barbershop will always feel like home.